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Autana ruggedized & SKY TENTS


 The massive 4-man Tepui Gran Sabana is our largest roof top tent. The Gran Sabana has a 6ft x 8ft sleeping area and includes a large removable annex so you and your family will have plenty of room for a comfortable camping experience.

Gran Sabana 4-person with annex
Size(closed) 72” x 48” x 12”  (WxLxH)   Size(open) 72” x 122” x 52” (WxLxH) sleeping area  (72"x 96" x 52")   annex 108”x108”  (W x L)  
Color, sand yellow                Weights 180lbs  w/annex ,        



The 3-man Tepui Autana is one of our most popular roof top tents. It has an extended private canopy entrance and includes a removable annex with PVC floor, side screened windows, and rear access door into your vehicle.






Excellent. See the pictures below. The first picture is in about 60mph winds. The tent is solid as a rock. The second picture is in wet heavy snow after a full day of rain. The tent is dry and holds up the heavy snow loads just fine. Now the third picture is what happened to the poor guy that brought a conventional ground tent. That’s looks like a long night in the cold.

       AYER- 2 person tent

Size (closed) 48” x 42” x 11”  (W x L x H)

Size (open)   48” x 84” x 39”  (W x L x H)  Sleeping area  48" x 84" x 39" (W x LxH) color;   steel blue w/ grey rain fly and in tan.         weights 95 lbs.  


Ayer - "Little Giant"

  Tepui Tents is introducing the new light weight 2-man Tepui Ayer. These tents are made from the same quality rip-stop materials and design as their bigger brother but have a lower profile, pack up smaller and are perfect for smaller SUV's. 

                        Material specifications for all TEPUI ROOF TOP TENTS

4-season tents   -   Canopy Fabric, 260 g Polyester Cotton; 600D ripstop fabric with waterproof ventilate coating; UV and mold resistant  -  Mosquito screens, no-see-um mesh  -  Rain fly Fabric, 420D Polyester Oxford; PU coated  -  Mattress, High Density

2-1/2" foam with cotton cover  -  Annex Material, 420D Polyester Oxford; PU coated  -  Travel Cover Material, 1000g Heavy Duty PVC  -   Internal Frame, 5/8" aluminum tube (3/4” for Gran Sabana)  -  Base Construction, Welded aluminum tube with insulation and aluminum cap sheet   - Ladder Construction, 8ft-6in Telescoping Aluminum ladder



Kukenam : "Roaring Mountain" 

  The 3 man Kukenam model roof top tent is great for those looking to get into the wilderness in comfort and style. The Kukenam is made from quality 600D rip-stop ventilate coated material so you will be protected from even the heaviest rain and winds. This tent will fit almost any vehicle with the appropiate roof rack. The Kukenam comes in 6 different models.  If your vehicle does not have one or if you need to upgrade the one you already have. KNIGHT OFF-ROAD TRAILERS can assist you with that.  Don't want to install your new TEPUI Roof Top Ten yourself. We can do that here at KNIGHT OFF-ROAD TRAILERS for you. 


KUKENAM-3 person tent

Size (closed) 56” x 48” x 12”  (W x L x H)        Size (open)   56” x 122” x 52”  (W x L x H)    Sleeping area  56" x 96" x 52" (W x L x H)      

Color/style;   forest green ,  camo  or special ops siberian camo (limited edition) ,expedition orange ,XL has a larger  foot print

The KUKENAM Collection

tepui roof top tents



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The Advantages of Having A Roof Top Tent?

Fast and easy to set up - Better wind and rain protection than conventional tent - You are off the ground and away from any dangerous animals such as snakes, racoons, spiders, etc. - Great for 4WD vehicles - Better view and ventilation than camping on the ground - Your tent will not collect as much dirt and sand as suppose to a tent on the ground - You do not need a flat spot to set up your tent and rocks and mud are not a problem. - You can leave the Tepui Roof Top tent on all year long so you will always have a campsite wherever and whenever you need one. Extra shade and/or privacy area with the vestibule.


Who Are The Tents Made For?

Many of our customers are outdoor enthusiasts who like to enjoy their activities in a more comfortable and convenient way than the traditional ground tent. We have customers that get these tents for surfing or mountain biking exhibitions, 4x4 trail riding, and even for simple weekend getaways. They are flexibility to go to remote spots and camp wherever and whenever without worrying about finding a dry flat camp spot to setup your tent is a major plus. Tepui Roof Top Tents are great for people who want to sleep comfortably and safely above the ground.

One year warranty on craftsmanship, material and parts. Warranty is not provided if damaged is caused from improper use, cleaning or storage.  *Shipping flat fee is for continental 48 states excludes Hawaii and Alaska. Contact us for details and options on shipping. See terms and conditions for additional information, policies, procedures and regulations.

AUTANA 3-person tent with annex

size (closed) 56” x 48” x 12”(WxLxH)  

Size (open) 56” x 122” x 52”  (WxLxH)

sleepping  area, 56" x 96" x 52" (WxLxH)       
annex 90” x 90” (W x L)        Weight 150 lbs w/annex
Color ,  sand yellow  and  Siberian camo       

                 What Are The General Maintenance Guidelines?

Every time that you come back from camping you should clean and dry your tent. Also, wash the mattress and cover once in a while (only hang dry). The following are the procedures:

1. Open the tent fully and  brush / vacuum all dirt from inside of tent. 2.Use a mild detergent with warm water and a soft to medium brush to clean the fabric as needed. 3.Rinse fabric of all detergent prior to drying. 4.Let it dry under the sun with all windows open.  It is important that the tent is completely dry before storage or mildew and mold may occur.  This is especially necessary after camping in rain or wet conditions. 5. Using a small brush, remove dirt from the zippers. Also, use a silicon spray to keep them lubricated.




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