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Catskills, New York

    What can I say camping and off-roading*, a perfect match. With off -roading* you can spend the a couple of hours, a day, a weekend or a week long trek. Depending on your skill level you can see sights that few have ever seen. The views can be spectacular. When I first started out 4 wheeling* after I had some experience off-roading*. I was in Catskills, New York. I did a 2 hour trek to the top of some mountain. Not sure which one. Once I got to the top the trees gave way to a small clearing right on top of this mountain. The day was partly cloudy. The shadows of clouds where moving quite fast over the landscape. It was a scene out of a movie.  I was able to see for miles around. That very moment I new I was hooked on 4 wheeling* for life.

    Now for camping*. Camping is a great way to get away from the everyday hustle and bustle of todays high speed life. Getting away from the traffic,ringing phones, kids glued to the screen of their digital device and the 9-5 montrage of daily life. You can learn how to build a fire. Make smoars a kids favorite campfire treat.  Or just hang out around the campfire telling stories. Get in touch with nature. With todays busy life style we forget about nature. You can see deers feeding just feet from you or see an armidilo and other wildlife you would never see in the city. Camping* and off-roading* go well together. You can camp under the stars were the city lights seem a million miles away.

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 * ( links or here for educational purpose only and a general guide. We are not affiliated with anyone on the links suggested or Jeep Chrysler, Toyota or any other vehicle manufacture. It is up to you use this information responsible and with great care. Off-roading can be quite fun and exciting. It can also be quite dangerous if not treated with respect and care. You as the driver or participant must use your best judgement and common on any maneuvers performed. There can be damaged done to your vehicle and bodily harm done to you and your passengers. Knight Off-Road Trailers and it's employee's will not and cannot  be held responsible  or liable for your actions. Use your head be safer then sorry. If you do not  posses the essential and necessary skills to perform such activities. Stop and get help. Ask questions, learn on a less difficult trail. Never rush threw anything take you time and think it out before you act. The off-roader, 4x4'er group, all learned the same way. We were all beginners at once in the off-roading world. In off-roading there is no room for ego only safety. Safety is the number 1 rule. Protect you, your passengers, your vehicle and the environment. Now gear up, get out there and enjoy this great adventure.)

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