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10 reasons to camp

 With a growing number of people being swept up in the craze for camping you, too, might be wondering what all the fuss is about.

 Here's a list of great reasons why campgrounds remain as popular as a weekend getaway or summer vacation destination:


1. Camping is peaceful. You'll be surprised at how your mind and body react when it's not stressed out by things like traffic, air pollution, or ringing telephones.


2. Camping is exciting. Feel you're heart start to pound with a first sighting of a hummingbird, or a chance encounter with white-tailed dear feeding just yards away from your campsite. On one of my family getaways. We had an armadillo visit us three nights in a row. The kids loved it! To tell the truth I was pretty excited my self.


3. Camping is educational. No matter how smart you think you are, you'll learn something new with each new camping experience. Many state and national parks offer exhibits and scheduled walks that are fun and entertaining especially for little campers.


4. Camping is a great bonding experience. Away from work or school, social media (that kids can’t get enough of today) camping allows you to spend quality time alone with the people you love in a relaxed atmosphere.


5. Camping is a great way to learn how to start a camp fire, or get back into fishing, boating, hiking, biking , nature walks, and other activities you enjoyed as a kid. Don't forget to pack ingredients for a delicious batch of smores to make over the campfire.


6. Camping is a great excuse not to text, email or talk to anyone for days at a stretch. Just say, "I'm going camping!..." *


7. Camping is so affordable. The average cost for camping fees in state or national park campgrounds ranges from $5 to $20 a night. For private campgrounds it varies from $20 to $60 depending on the location and the amenities on offer.


8. Camping makes you appreciate all the modern conveniences on your return home!


9. There's something about the awe of nature, We are so busy with our daily lives we forget one of the more important things about our lives. Nature it is all around us whether we think about it or not. And it is quite amazing.


10. The sights, the smells, and the experience of sleeping under the stars and communing with nature all create memories that will last a lifetime. You will thank yourself later.**


So, what are you waiting for? Take the time now to find a campground near you, and then ...go camping.

* Today, many state and national parks now provide Wi-Fi and cell phone service, but you don't need to tell your boss or co-workers that.

** Don't forget the camera.




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